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Djirrbal / Ngadjon Tribes.

Rainforest Area.                  

North Eastern Australia.

What you will find here:

*  Products made only by Australian Aboriginal people.

*  Purchase direct from the aboriginal artists and craftmakers.


Wholesale sales:-



*Emu Callers, etc.



*  Didgeridoos (Yigi Yigi) 


*  Boomerangs (Wangan)

Other Authentic Traditional and Contempory Australian Aboriginal Art, Craft, Gifts and Souvenirs.



* Djirrbal and Ngadjonji Tours on country. 

*  Australian Aboriginal Cultural Information

*  Australian Aboriginal Culture and History Talks.

*  Didgeridoo making.

*  Boomerang throwing.

*  Spear throwing with Woomera and other artifact demonstrations.

*  Teaching of Aboriginal Art.

*  Special request Artwork and artifact making.


If you would like further information on Australian Aboriginal Culture, history or our art and craft, please contact us.


Listen to the didgeridoo.

Click here for samples

Murruppi Enterprises is   owned and operated by "Murruppi" descendant of the Djirrbal and Ngadjonji tribes of Northern Australia. All products are made and painted by aboriginal artists and craftspersons.

We have sold and exported our art and craft to many countries around the world, including Europe, North and South America,  Africa, the Middle East, India, Phillipines etc.

As aboriginal artists and craftspersons we endeavour to be selfsufficient in our ancestoral country. Please support our families, tribe and other aboriginal artists by buying only 100% aboriginal products instead of cheap imported copies from other countries.

"Murruppi  (Djirrbal/Ngadjon Tribes)


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