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About Us

Murruppi Enterprises is a wholly Aboriginal owned business operated by Daniel Murphy (Murruppi). Daniel grew up in the rainforests of Far Northern Queensland where he developed a love of the natural world and a deep appreciation for his Aboriginal culture. These formative years inspired Daniel to develop a business based on sharing aspects of his culture. Today he produces a range of traditional timber artefacts such as boomerangs and didgeridoos. He also creates colourful artworks depicting animals, people and landscapes from his homelands.

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Daniel works from a studio in South East Queensland, Australia, where he makes all his artefacts by hand using traditional shaping methods. His didgeridoos are renowned for their quality and authentic sound.

Rainforest Culture

Daniel identifies with the Djirrbal and Ngadjonji clans of Far North Queensland, Australia.

Find out more about Daniel’s rainforest culture.

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