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Boomerang Returning. Unpainted.
Returning Boomerang. Unpainted. Guaranteed to return. Ready to paint. Made from plywood. ..
Boomerang Returning. 45 cm.
Returning Boomerang, Painted with Aboriginal designs. Made from Plywood timber. Length: Tip t..
Boomerang Returning Traditional - Painted
Traditional Root Boomerang. 49cm in length, 23cm wide. Made from the root of a eucalyptus tre..
Hunting Boomerang. Unpainted.
Hand-carved souvenir hunting boomerang made from hardwood. Unpainted Size: 80cm long app..
Hunting Boomerang - Painted
Handmade  hunting boomerang made from a hardwood tree, painted with Aboriginal designs. ..
Boomerang. With Stand. 30cm. Traditional art.
Boomerang on Stand. Traditional art. 30 cm. Souvenir only. Non-returning. Aboriginal art ..
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