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Didgeridoo Log.

Didgeridoo Log.
Price: $50.00 AUD (excluding GST)

Eucalyptus tree termite hollowed. Make your own didgeridoo.

1. Buy a termite hollowed eucalyptus tree log and make it into a didgeridoo yourself  From $50, or

2. Let me show you how to make a didgeridoo.  Keep the didgeridoo you make with me. Cost from $200, or

3. Come to the bush with me, find, cut and make your own didgeridoo. Cost from $400. May involve from  3 to 5 days travelling and camping. Food not supplied but available. This offer may only be available on occassions when tripping to bush to replenish didgeridoo log supplies.

Groups can be catered for and attract reductions in price.

If interested please email for more information ( )

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