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Traditional Wood Artifacts/Products

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Emu Caller. Painted.
Emu CallerHand painted timber artefact made from Eucalyptus tree naturally hollowed by termites. ..
Clapsticks. UnPainted
Hand carved timber musical instrument. Artifact is used for rythmn during traditional dance, ..
Clapsticks - Painted
Clapsticks. Hand painted. 25 - 30cm long x 3.5 - 4 cm diameter. Made from Mulga. Exceptionall..
Bullroarer. Painted.
Bullroarer. Small. Painted. Hardwood.  Length Size: 30cm Artifact information c..
Coolamon. Burnt Artwork.
Coolamon. Burnt artwork. Burnt Artwork. Size: 20cm L x 6.5cm W x 3.5cm D. Traditiona..
Coolamon. Painted.
Coolamon. Painted. Various aboriginal designs. Traditional utensil used to hold bushtucke..
Shield. Traditional.
Shield. Aboriginal Traditional. Painted. 80cm X 20cm. Made from softwood as opposed to boomer..
Coolamon. Large. Painted
Coolamon. Large. Painted. Dot Art 40cm X 20cm X 4-5cm Traditional food holding dish. ..
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