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Emu Caller. Painted.

Emu Caller. Painted.
Price: $65.00 AUD (excluding GST)

Emu CallerHand painted timber artefact made from Eucalyptus tree naturally hollowed by termites.

Length: 30 cm.

Artifact was used for calling Emus who could hear its sound up to 200 meters away. Emu's have long legs and can run very fast (30mph or 50kph). They are also very inquisitive birds. To hunt emus the hunter firstly hides behind some bushes. Sound is made by twice slapping quickly one end of an emu caller with the hollow of the hand and repeating.  This action makes a throaty sound similar to the sound of the emu.  The emu comes  to investigate. When close enough the hunter jumps out and can either spear or club his prey.

Artist / craftsperson profile supplied.

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