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Bullroarer. Painted.

Bullroarer. Painted.
Price: $35.00 AUD (excluding GST)

Bullroarer. Small. Painted. Hardwood. 

Length Size: 30cm

Artifact information card supplied.

Aboriginal artist / craftsmans profile supplied.

Roaring sound is made by holding  the end of the string and rotating the instrument quickly around the head and shoulders.  The bullroaer spins at high speed and winds up the string. As the user continues to rotate the bullroarer the spin reverses and so on.

Traditionally a sacred mens instrument used during the initiation ceremony.

All aboriginal male and female adolescents had to pass a special initiation ceremony before they were accepted into society as adults. Male and female initiation ceremonies were always held seperately and it was considered taboo for one to infringe on, or even see, the other. The Bullroarer was used only during the boys ceremony. Its sound warned others not invited to keep away.

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